SDG Conference Bergen

Logo for the 2019 SDG Conference Bergen with the concept re:thinking/re:working

addressing the inequality of knowledge

SDG Conference Bergen, 7-8 February 2019


The annual National SDG Conference Bergen was initiated by UiB and planned in dialogue with other Norwegian universities, the Ministry of Education and Research, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Following up on the inaugural 2018 conference, a national committee from the university sector in Norway was appointed to oversee the conference. SDG Bergen, a strategic initiative of the University of Bergen, acts as the day to day programming committee and secretariat for the conference.

SDG Bergen 2019

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Sustainable Development Goals
From the left: Dankert Vedeler, Dag Rune Olsen, Gunnar Bovim, Gro Bjørnerud Moe, Anne Husebekk, and Mari Sundli Tveit.

Creating a platform for sharing of best practice

A statement from the Norwegian National Committee for the 2030 Agenda, following the 2019 SDG Conference at the University of Bergen.

Katherine Richardson of University of Copenhagen and UN DESA's Shantanu Mukherjee discuss science and policy at the 2019 SDG Conference Bergen.

Reworking towards science advice

The second day of the 2019 SDG Conference Bergen focussed on how the academic community can bring its knowledge to decision-makers locally and globally.

State Secretary Rebekka Borsch from Norway's Ministry of Education and Research with University of Bergen's Rector Dag Rune Olsen at the 2019 SDG Conference Bergen.

Rethinking for a new education

From building a global student movement to the crucial role of universities, the first day of the 2019 SDG Conference Bergen was diverse in its engagement with global sustainability.

Victoria W. Thoresen (right) and Jakob Grandin at the UN high-level political forum in July 2018, where they co-arranged a workshop on SDG11 as part of building a global network for sustainability.

Building a sustainable world

In February 2018, Victoria W. Thoresen and Jakob Grandin were key participants in the inaugural SDG Conference Bergen. The first national conference in the world bringing the university sector together in critical debate to engage with the UN's 2030 Agenda.