Strategy 2023–2030

Action plan for internationalisation

Knowledge that shapes society is intrinsic to UiB’s core values. Our strategic goals presuppose that students and researchers partake actively in global knowledge development. The action plan aims to facilitate this participation – UiB in the world and the world in UiB.

Eivind Senneset

Main content

UiB in the world: by committing itself to international cooperation, UiB will help to resolve global challenges by means of targeted research, education, dissemination and innovation.

The world in UiB: UiB will be an international university characterised by openness and significant academic impact. UiB will attract students and researchers from all over the world.

Internationalisation is defined as the exchange of ideas and knowledge via mutually binding cooperation across national borders. The mobility of students and researchers, as well as the integration of an international, intercultural and global dimension in education and research, are key factors. UiB’s three priority areas – marine research, global social challenges, and climate and energy transition – will play a central role in this work. Development-related research has been UiB’s priority area for many years. This will continue via the priority area global social challenges. Nordic and European collaboration is strong and it is also important to strengthen relations and cooperation with partners in the USA, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa in line with national priorities.

In order for the internationalisation work to succeed, all levels of UiB’s organisation must be proactive in relation to the action plan and view it in the context of other action plans at UiB. The faculties can reinforce implementation of the action plan by incorporating secondary goals and measures in their own plans. The action plan will be evaluated midway through its period.

A. Priority area: UiB in the world

Sub-goal 1: Increase participation in international research, education and innovation programmes to reinforce UiB’s priority areas

  • Develop and strengthen international networks and strategic partnerships with research and educational institutions associated with UiB’s priority areas
    Responsible: Leadership at all levels
  • Maintain close contact with national authorities regarding priorities for partnerships with low and medium income countries
    Responsible:University Leadership and DRM
  • Maintain close contact with the Research Council of Norway, the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education, the EU and others to ensure that UiB is involved in the early stages of processes in which research and educational policies are developed
    Responsible:University Leadership, DSA, DRM
  • Continue the Strategic Programme for International Research and Education (SPIRE) seed money scheme at the current level at the minimum
    Responsible: DRM
  • Utilise resources in international networks and national and Nordic centres abroad that UiB is a member of, as well as UiB’s offices in Brussels and Japan
    Responsible: Faculties

Sub-goal 2: A minimum of 80% of UiB’s research shall be published in reputable international channels

  • Establish a system for use of mentors in publication processes
    Responsible: Faculties
  • Ensure the leadership pays more attention to publishing and facilitates international publishing from an administrative perspective
    Responsible: Faculties

Sub-goal 3: The proportion of outgoing students from all study programmes shall increase from the number of students in 2015. At least 40% of the total number of students who graduate from UiB shall have been on exchange as an integral part of their degree

  • Ensure that all programmes of study have a defined mobility window of at least three months’ duration
    Responsible: Faculties, DSA
  • Academic leadership must actively encourage students to go on exchange
    Responsible: Faculties
  • Students who do not go on exchange should be offered international study subjects in their programme of study at UiB
    Responsible: Faculties

Sub-goal 4: A minimum of 50% of all PhD and postdoctoral fellows shall have been on exchange

  • Make academic, practical and financial arrangements to enable PhD and postdoctoral fellows to go on exchange for a longer period of time, and take part in international research cooperation
    Responsible: Faculties, DRM

Sub-goal 5: Higher profile in international media

  • Improve UiB’s English language web pages on research and education
    Responible: Faculties, CD, DRM, DSA
  • Promote articles to prioritised English language online newspapers
    Responible: CD

B. Priority area: The world in UiB

Sub-goal 1: UiB will strengthen its position in the international competition for the best researchers

  • As a rule, all academic positions will be advertised internationally
    Responsible: Faculties and DHR
  • Make use of active talent scouting and researchers’ international networks
    Responsible: Faculties
  • Ensure fast, easy to follow appointment procedures for staff with international background
    Responsible: Faculties and DHR

Sub-goal 2: UiB will attract the best international students, especially at master’s level. The number of international students at UiB will increase by 20%, up from the number of students in 2015

  • Produce a specific action plan for the international recruitment of talented students
    Responsible: Faculties, DSA
  • Offer subjects/subject packages in English where academically appropriate
    Responsible: Faculties
  • Make more use of digital teaching tools (MOOC, Streaming, Webinar, etc.) to reach international students outside UiB
    Responsible: Faculties, IT, DSA, CD

Sub-goal 3: UiB will be an excellent host for international students, staff and guests

  • Establish an international centre in 2017
    Responsible: UL, DRM, DSA, DHR
  • Improve the assistance for foreign staff members, students and guests
    Responsible: Faculties, DHR
  • Increase the number of housing units for guests
    Responsible: EFMD, DHR
  • Ensure that all relevant information is also available in English
    Responsible: Faculties, CD, DRA, DSA, DHR
  • Make arrangements so that permanent staff members with foreign background can learn Norwegian within two years of appointment
    Responsible: Faculties, DHR
  • Improve the Norwegian language course offerings international students
    Responsible: Faculty of Humanities, DSA

Sub-goal 4: UiB will actively contribute to refugees in Norway obtaining education

  • Produce a specific action plan aimed at refugees in Norway
    Responible: University Leadership, DSA