Participation in EU frameworks programs

A goal of the strategy of the University of Bergen for the period 2016-2022 “Ocean, Life, Society” is that by 2022, all our faculties will have word-class academic environments and additional disciplines of high international standard. To reach this goal, both financial support and earnings from commissioned assignments must be bolstered. The action plan aims at increasing the participation in Horizon 2020 as well the positioning of the University’s interest towards the new framework program 2021–2027. The action plan is relevant to the entire institution. This means that academics as well as the leaders of de- partments, faculties, administrative units and rectorate bear a responsibility for its implementation.

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Priority areas

• UiB shall in uence the shaping of EU framework programs

• UiB shall enhance its participation in EU framework programs by increasing the number of competitive proposals and awarded grants

• UiB shall provide its academics with an e ective and skilled administrative support during proposal preparations, contract negotiations and project management

DRA1: Divison of Research Administration
BOA2: ”Bidrag og oppdragsfinansiert aktivitet” Norwegian for externally funded activities
3. AdG: Advanced grant. CoG: Consolidator grant. StG: Starting grant
CD4: Communication Division
HR5: Division of Human Resources

Read the action plan here (PDF)

Priority A

UiB shall influence the shaping of EU framework programs (FP)

A1: Promotion of UiB’s strategic and long-term interests in EU FPs

  • Contact with authorities and partners
    Responsible: University leadership
    Period: Annual report, Evaluation in 2019

  • Cooperation with Norwegian representatives in EU’s scientific committees
    Faculty, DRA1
  • Active participation in relevant national and international networks and organisations
    Brussels office

A2: All faculties shall have academics participating as experts in EU’s evaluation panels and scientific committees

  • Inform and facilitate academics to register in EU’s expert database
    Responsible: Faculty, DRA
    Period: Annual report

Priority B

UiB shall enhance its participation in EU framework programs by increasing the number of competitive proposals and awarded grants

B1: Increase funding by 20% and number of proposals by 50% compared to EU FP7

  • Identify research areas, sub-programs and thematic programs in which UiB shall participate
    Responsible: Faculty in cooperation with DRA
    period: Annual report
  • Dedicated incentives to award winning projects
    Responsible: University leadership
    period: Annual report

  • Highlight specific measures and actions in the budget planning of faculties and the University
    Responsible: University leadership, Faculty
    Period: Annual report

  • Strengthen interdisciplinary cooperation as well as cooperation with the industry and the public sector
    Responsible: Faculty, DRA
    Period: Annual report

  • Increase proposal submission and recirculation of rejected proposals. Promote synergies among calls at the regional, national and international level
    Responsible: Faculty, BOA2-team
    Period: Report every term

B2: Increase awarded ERC grants. Target numbers are: 8 AdvG, 5 CoG, 7 StG3

  • Long-term recruitment and development of potential candidates as well as their research teams
    Responsible: Faculty
    Period: Report every term

Priority C

UiB shall provide its academics with an effective and skilled administrative support during proposal preparation, contract negotiation and project management

C1: Dedicated services, training and analyses

  • Further development of the BOA-team, an interdisciplinary administrative support and training team on external funding, with corresponding analysis group
    Responible: Administrative divisions, BOA-team leader
    Period: Annual report, Evaluation 2019

  • Six research advisors to become evaluators in EU´s framework programs
    Responsible: DRA

C2: All faculties to exploit UiB’s Brussels office

  • Develop and implement a plan to advertise and exploit the services of UiB’s office in Brussels
    Responsible: DRA, CD4, faculty
    Period: Fall 2016, Annual report

C3: Promotion of UiB’s leading research teams

  • Dissemination and outreach activities shall prioritize the university’s strategic research areas and externally funded projects
    Responisble: CD, BOA-team, faculty
    Period: Annual report

C4: Personnel policy and career development that complies with European demands and expectations

  • Inform and promote the adhesion to the European charter for researchers and the Code of conduct for recruitment of researchers
    Responsible: HR5
    Period: Report at the end of 2016
  • Update the rules and practice for career development, recruitment and employment
    Responsible: HR
    Period: Annual report