UiB strategy work 2023–2030
Strategy 2030

About the strategy

The University of Bergen will create a new strategy that will apply in the years 2023 to 2030.

Main content

The University Board decided on 2 February 2022 to start work on a new strategy. 

The strategy is the university's foremost value document. It will reflect the institution's central role in society.

  • The strategy should also be a protection of the university's fundamental values. It will be a document that clearly communicates UiB's role as guarantor of independent reserarch.
  • The strategy will set the direction for how the institution will further develop as a research-intensive comprehensive university. It will also clarify the ambitions for international high-quality research, education, dissemination and innovation.
  • The strategy will also reflect UiB's role in the national and regional landscape of higher education and research institutions.

Overall, the new strategy will help ensure academic freedom, combined with good, professional leadership based on important academic values.