Community Relations

By 2022, UiB shall be a sought-after institution of expertise that has bolstered its long-term relationship with government authorities, business, culture and society.

Photo showing UiB Alumni
UiB Alumni will create a useful and lasting connection between former students and UiB.
Paul Sigve Amundsen

We intend to achieve this:

by educating degree candidates who meet society’s demands for research-based competence. In addition to offering educational programmes of high quality provided by strong academic environments, we shall make provisions for practical training as part of the studies. This will be done in collaboration with business, organizations, administration and research institutions.

by initiating and making provisions for research projects on the threshold between the university and the outside world.

by inviting increased cooperation with the research institutions of which UiB is the owner, and with ­relevant stakeholders in the health and ­education sector, such as the Western Norway ­Regional Health Authority, Hordaland county council and Bergen municipality.

by making our candidates’ expertise and achievements visibly accessible to a widespread and ­diversified labour market, and by strengthening and profiling in-service and continuing education as part of the aggregate education that UiB offers.

by actively utilizing the researcher-recruitment scheme in business and public administration through the “Business PhD” and “Public Administration PhD” programmes.

by listening to and actively committing to our alumni at home and abroad as ambassadors of the university.