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Refund from Sammen Student Deposit Account

International students who have transferred funds to the SAMMEN student's deposit account.

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Who:Admitted full degree students that transferred funds to the deposit account for study permit purposes (self-financed international master students).
  • Sammen's Information desk at the Student Centre (ground floor), Parkveien 1.
  • Fantoft Servicecenter (Fantoftveien 14).
Opening hours:Monday–Friday 08:00–15:00 ( not available on weekends).

You must bring your passport.

Cash Card

Upon arrival in Bergen, Sammen can issue a cash card (kronekort) from the money deposited into the student deposit account.The initial  amount that can be given in advance is NOK 9500. The cash can be refilled until you get the Norwegian ID number and can open a Norwegian bank account in your name. To request a refill, send an email to sammen.okonomi@sammen.no

The cash card can be obtained at SAMMEN Information desk located at the Student Center (Parkveien 1) and at Fantoft servicecenter (Fantoftveien 14). 

  • If you lose your card a replacement fee of NOK 200 will have to be charged for a new card.

Remaining Funds

Sammen will transfer the remaining funds to you as soon as you notify Sammen at sammen.okonomi@sammen.no of your Norwegian bank account number.

  • You must notify Sammen of your Norwegian bank account and address in Norway as soon as possible.
  • Sammen will deduct a small banking fee of NOK 150.