Design, Master's, 2 years

  • Years2 Years
  • ECTS credits120


Objectives and content

The master¿s programme is an opportunity for specialisation with a time frame that allows for experimentation, trial and error, and change of standpoint. Each student applies to the programme with a project and are thus their own source and main instrument. The main focus of the programme is development of the master¿s project, which is a major, independent project. Students choose a specialisation within one of the areas of study at the Department of Design.

Specialisation involves investigating, experimenting and combining fragments and raw materials as a basis for design processes that are expressed in visions and concepts. Master¿s students must strike a balance between their own perspectives and others¿ views, general considerations and their own goals, and the world as it is today and future needs.

The master¿s programme integrates theory and practice, with emphasis on the relationship between design as a creative practice and design as a theoretical subject. Research through design requires interaction and synergies between different working methods and approaches, as well as between own creative work and critical reflection.


What you Learn

Study Period Abroad

Study Period Abroad

Exchanges and external project periods: The programme allows for student exchanges and/or external project periods for students in the second semester (MAR 2/MAV 2). This must be pre-approved by the student's main supervisor.

Facilitated exchange agreements

Programme structure

Master's Programme in Design (requirement 120 SP)
Masterstudiet i design - Studieretning (requirement 120 SP)
Furniture and spatial design / interior architecture (requirement 120 SP)
Mandatory course
Course codeCourse titleSPSR
MAR 1Master Spatial design, 1. semester301–41
MAR 2Master Spatial design, 2. semester301–42
MAR 3Master Spatial design, 3. semester301–43
MAR 4Master Spatial design, 4. semester301–44
Visual communication (requirement 120 SP)
Mandatory course
Course codeCourse titleSPSR
MAV 1Master Visual Communication, 1. semester301–41
MAV 2Master Visual Communication, 2. semester301–42
MAV 3Master Visual Communication, 3. semester301–43
MAV 4Master Visual Communication, 4. semester301–44
SP = ECTS credits, S = Semester, R = Recommended semester

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