Master's Programme in design

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New Student

New Student

Welcome to the Master's Program in Design, at the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design (KMD)

The most important information regarding your semester start will be announced on this webpage. The semester starts in week 33. During this week, you will among many meet your fellow students, your main supervisor, and the artistic community at the Department of Fine Art together with your student adviser.

Monday 13 August at 09:00. Place: Knut Knaus in Møllendalsveien 61, where you will meet with new, fellow design students. Mandag 13. august kl. 09.00 i Knut Knaus, i Møllendalsveien 61. Her møter du alle nye studenter ved Institutt for design.

Monday 13 August at 12:00, you are invited to Faculty of Fine, Art, Music and Design's Welcoming Ceremony. The Ceremony will also take place in Møllendalsveien 61.

The entire week 33 has been devoted to various orientation meetings, information about the Master's Program and the Department of Design. Updated program will be published on our website here: https://www.uib.no/kmd/108838/studentsider It is important that you participate in the program!

Please feel free to start your student preparations. This website gives you some good suggestions to your to do list: https://www.uib.no/student/89884/sjekkliste-i-studiestarten

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your student adviser (studieveileder@kmd.uib.no).

We are very much looking forward to meet you on 13th of August!

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