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Data Management Planning workshop for Life Science Projects

Are you planning to submit a grant application for a life science research project? This course we will cover how you can generate a data management plan which meets the requirements of the funding organisations.

Main content

ELIXIR Norway, Digital Life Norway and the UiB library are pleased to invite up to 30 researchers (PhD candidates, Post Doctoral Fellows, Researchers, Associate Professors and Professors) to a full day workshop on data management. Life sciene researchers will be prioritized.

Course content

0900 - 0915 Introduction
0915 - 0945 Requirements from institutions & funding bodies
                      - H2020/ERC
                      - Research Council Norway
0945 - 1015 About legal requirements
                      - Health Research Act
                      - Personal Data Act
1015 - 1030 Short break
1030 - 1115 Licensing of data, biological material and software
1115 - 1200 Information on national and local storage infrastructures
                      - NeLS/StoreBioInfo
                      - NIRD
                      - TSD
                      - UiB Computing & Storage resources
                      - SAFE
1200 - 1230 Lunch
1230 - 1315 Relevant deposition repositories/ data archives
                      - Domain specific archives (ELIXIR/EMBL-EBI, NCBI)
                      - NIRD archive
                      - UiB Open Research Data/DataverseNO
                      - NSD
1315 - 1330 Short break
1330 - 1600 Hands on training and assistance to generate a data management plan

(The same announcement on TeSS, ELIXIR's Traingin Portal)


Bring your own laptop and your research project if you have one. You will get the opportunity to set up a data management plan for your project with help of the Data Steward Wizard tool using a structured and detailed questionnaire with references to relevant resources.