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Open Access Week 2020

Open with purpose

FAIR and open science - what`s in it for me as a researcher? How can I make my research freely available?

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Kjersti H. Enerstvedt, UB

Main content

Do you wonder...

...what the open science policies are?
...how to publish openly?
...how you can improve the openess and replicability of your research?
...what the FAIR-principles are and how you can comply with them?
...how you can manage and store your research data?
...how you can retain your intellectual property?

These and more questions will be answared during the Open Access Week taking place 19th-23rd of October. See below for program and registration for the individual workshops.

Monday 19th of October:
13:00-13:45 Introduction to Open Science 

Tuesday 20th of October: 
13:00-13:45 Introduction to Data Management Plan

Wednesday 21st of October: 
13:00-13:45 Introduction to Data Management Plan
14:00-15:00 Copyright and use of other`s material in digital teaching with Associate Professor Torger Kielland (Norwegian only)

Thursday 22nd of October:
12:30-13:50 The Open Science Policy for UiB - Seminar with Pro-Rector Margareth Hagen (Norwegian only) 

Friday 23th of October:
10:00-12:00 Spatial use of Research Data - Open Geographic Information System
13:00-15:00 Data Management Workshop (max. 20 participants!)

See also the programs at other institutions:
Open Research Data and Copyright - RDA webinar (in Norwegian)
Open Access Week at UiS and USN
Open Access Week at HVL
Open Access Week at NTNU

What is Open Access? (subtitles)

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