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OPEN ACCESS WEEK 2021, 25.-29. October

FAIR and open science - what`s in it for me as a researcher? How can I make my research outputs freely available?

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International Open Access Week

Main content

Do you wonder...
...what the open science policies are?
...how to publish openly?
...how you can improve the openess and replicability of your research?
...what the FAIR-principles are and how you can comply with them?
...how you can manage and store your research data?
...what do you need to consider if your data is sensitive?
...how you can retain your intellectual property?

These and more questions will be answared during the Open Access Week taking place 25th-29th of October 2021. See below for the program.
The webinars before lunch are part of a collaboration between UiB, UiT, HVL, UiS, NTNU, USN, INN and UiO, and you can find more information and sign up for the individual webinars by clicking the links or see here.
The webinars after lunch are local (UiB) and you can sign up for all the local webinars here. You only need to register once if you plan to participate in several local webinars.

Monday 25th of October: Open Science is the new normal

Common program for UiB, UiT, HVL, UiS, NTNU, USN, INN and UiO:
10:00-11:30 NFR/Horizon Europe: Open Science is the new normal (Nenitha Charlotte Dagslott, Emma Lazzeri)
In this event, representatives from both the Research Council and Horizon Europe will present the Open science requirements that researchers have to comply with and how to meet them.

UiB program (sign up here):
13:00-13:45 Open Science Support services at the UiB Library (UiB Library Research Support)

14:00-15:00 Making Open Science visible: Researcher profiles and CV statistics (Caroline S Armitage, UiB Library Bibliometrics Group)

Tuesday 26th of October: Licensing research data and Data Management

Common program for UiB, UiT, HVL, UiS, NTNU, USN, INN and UiO:
10:00-11:30 Lisenser for deling og gjenbruk av forskningsdata (Inger Berg Ørstavik, Magnus Aronsen, Torger Kielland)
Hvordan dele forskningsdata? Hva må du tenke på når du velger lisens ved publisering av data? Hvordan deler man egentlig så åpent som mulig, og så lukket som nødvendig? In Norwegian.

UiB program:
13:00-16:00 DMP workshop (CANCELLED)
NB! The DMP workshop is a physical event with limited number of participants. Read more and sign up here.

Wednesday 27th of October: Sharing of research data

Common program for UiB, UiT, HVL, UiS, NTNU, USN, INN and UiO:
10:00-11:30 How to share qualitative data: videos and interviews (Lindsay Ferrara, Live Håndlykken Kvale, Katrine Utaaker Segadal)
The topic for this event will be how to navigate the landscape of qualitative open data and GDPR based on experiences from researchers and NSD (Norwegian centre for research data).

10:00-11:00 Get your ducks in a row -  steps to consider for sharing of sensitive data (including human genetic data) (ELIXIR Norway)
What are the different steps you have to consider if you plan to share quanitative sensitive data, including human genetic data?

UiB program (sign up here):
13:00-13:30 Open and FAIR data - what, why and how? (UiB Library Research Data Team)

UiB's institutional research data archive:
13:30-14:00 UiB Open Research Data (UiB Library Research Data Team)

Discipline-specific research data infrastructures with contact persons in Bergen:
14:00-14:20 ELIXIR Norway, Life sciences (Korbinian Bösl)
14:20-14:40 CESSDA, Social sciences (Morten Jakobsen)
14:45-15:05 Clarino, Language research (Rune Kyrkjebø)
15:05-15:25 Bjerknes Climate Data Centre, Climate research (Rocio Castano Primo)

Thursday 28th of October: Open Access publishing

Common program for UiB, UiT, HVL, UiS, NTNU, USN, INN and UiO:
10:00-11:30 Nivå X: Berører nye publiseringsmodeller forskningskvaliteten? (Vidar Røeggen, UHR)
Hva innføringen av et nytt nivå i kanalregisteret betyr for nåtidens og fremtidens kvalitetssikringssystemer. In Norwegian.

UiB program (sign up here):
13:00-14:00 Open access - step by step (UiB Library Open Access Team)

14:15-14:45 Open access publications – statistics for Norway and UiB (Marta Lorenz, UiB Library Bibliometrics Group) (CANCELLED)

Friday 29th of October: Digital Frukost and Diamond Open Access

UiB and Centre for Digital Life Norway:
08:30-09:30 Digital Frukost: Critical reflection on open life science – then, now, future
The event will be streamed, but this time we also welcome you to join a physical breakfast during the presentation at CBU, UiB. Registration required.

Common program for UiB, UiT, HVL, UiS, NTNU, USN, INN and UiO:
10:00-11:30 Diamonds are forever. On the benefits and challenges of Diamond Open Access publishing (Per Pippin Aspaas, Jeroen M. Bosman, Bianca Kramer)
What is the way forward for institutional journal publishing, in Norway and internationally?

Digital program at other institutions

Several other institutions too organize local events in addition to the common Open Access week program. Many of them are digital and open to participants from UiB:


    What is Open Access? (subtitles)

    SHB Online