Geodynamikk og Bassengstudier

Changes in depositional setting across a megasequence boundary on the Horda Platform, North Sea


Project description
The Upper Triassic to Lower Jurassic succession on the Horda Platform documents fundamental changes in megasequence architecture and basin physiography during the evolution of the North Sea basin. The Triassic is generally considered to have been depositd during rifting and sediments were deposited in alluvial, eolian and lacustrine environments. The main clastic source areas were local rift topography along the Øygarden Fault Complex. During the Early Jurassic, the North Sea was transgressed and shallow-marine systems developed along the flanks of the basin. At the same time, the local rift-related topography is believed to have decreased and sediments were likely sourced from the Norwegian mainland to the east. The transition between these two megasequences is marked by a regional unconformity.

This project will investigate this transition from syn to post-rift in more detail using seismic and well data. The task will include seismic mapping of key stratigraphic packages, seismic attribute extraction highlighting depositional environments and sequence stratigraphic analysis. Logging of representative cores will be conducted in order to tie seismic and well data. Another key task is to link structural fabric and timing of deformation along the Øygarden Fault Complex to changing depositional environment and stacking pattern. A key challenge is to investigate and understand the nature of the regional unconformity separating the Triassic and Jurassic successions in the area.

Proposed course plan during the master's degree (60 ECTS):
GEOV272 / Seismisk tolkning (10 stp)
GEOV360 / Vidaregåande klastisk sedimentologi (10 stp)
GEOV361 / Sekvensstratigrafi (10 stp)
GEOV362 / Integrert feltkurs i tektonikk og sedimentologi (5 stp)
GEOV364 / Videregåande bassenganalyse (5 stp)
GEOV372 / Integrert tolkning av seismikk og geofysiske data (5 stp)
GEOV302 / Dataanalyse i geovitskap (10 stp)

External data: 
Seismic data from CGG

Felt- lab- og analysearbeid:
Seismic mapping on workstation at UiB
Logging of core at Sandsli