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ProCon X-Ray CT-ALPHA Computed Tomography (CT) scanner

The ProCon X-ray CT-ALPHA Computed Tomography (CT) scanner is a shielded cabinet 3D X-ray portal system. The scanner is equipped with a 240 kV micro-focus tube and a 3000x3000 pixel detector scanning up to 150cm long sediment cores with a diameter up to 125mm in a continuous helix motion. Resolution is sample-size dependent: a 100 mm diameter sample may be reconstructed with up to 30 μm voxel size, whereas a 30mm diameter sample may be reconstructed with up to 15 μm voxel size. The CT scanner is customized to scan sediment cores, but can also be used for other samples of suitable size. Reconstructed 3D X-Ray imagery is visualized and analyzed using the FEI Avizo Fire 3D analysis software suite.


Listen to our colleague, Jan Magne Cederstrøm, talking about CT-scannig in the geological podcast Geologisk Rapport: