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Skype for Business - Info møte

Skype for Business - Info møte

Hei alle sammen /Dear all at GEO,PLEASE READ THIS Info!

Below you will find information mail received today from Kjell Fadnes at the IT department. From November 9, everyone at the entire MN faculty will use Skype for Business and our old phones will be collected (we will put out cartons where you can place them).

Everyone will get access to Skype for Business (SfB), but only permanent employees will retain phone numbers. However, everyone will be able to call from SfB to SfB / Skype. The reason for this is that it will no longer be possible to share a telephone number of more employees as we do at joint offices today. Skype for Business is free for anyone to use, but a license for SfB with phone number is personal and costs the same as a phone license today.

All departments at the faculty have a common politick for how retain their telephone number. Please contact me, if there should be special need for a license with telephone number for others.Next week, the IT department sends out microphone headphones. We can choose from one or two ear bells, and from Wednesday 1 November you can go to reception (in 3rd floor) to pick up the variant you want.

Follow the instructions in the email below to find more information and link to the e-learning course. It is recommended to attend one of the information meetings.



By the end of 2018, UiB will move from having mostly ordinary analog office phones to a unified communications platform called Skype for Business (SfB). This tool allows users to communicate through text chat, voice calls, video calls and online meetings. For the vast majority, this will mean a transition to SfB as the primary phone, and thus a transition from traditional phone to headphones.

At Faculty of Mathematics and natural Sciences, the rollout will take place in two rounds. Employees at Marineholmen will be transferred to SfB on November 5th and the rest of the faculty follows on November 9th.

We have planned 3 meetings where we cover the basics of using SfB:

3) Realfag building, November 8th at 13.00, Auditorium 5 – siste info møte!!!!!

Following the rollout, BRITA will have increased support for common issues that might occur. There may be minor issues with audio device settings on the machine, but this is also something we cover at information meetings and as we have instructions here: https://it.uib.no/Skype_for_Business

You will also find a step- step-by-step guide, and link to an e-learning course to get started with SfB (it’s available in English, but you may have to scroll down)

SfB are already installed on all client machines at UiB, so feel free to try out most of the functionality, except dialing external phones. After the transition, you can make external calls and there is free access to make calls abroad.

We cover the initial cost of headphones for all employees, and you may choose from 2 standard models: Plantronics Blackwire C310 and C3220 in mono (single-ear) and stereo respectively. These will be available at the reception at your institute on november 1st. The standard models will meet the needs of most people. Other models are available, but the institute has to cover the cost.

For most of you, this change will not be too challenging, even if you have not tried Skype or similar technology before. I only recommend that you go through the e-learning course, and I hope to see you at one of the information meetings should you have any questions.

Regards,Kjell Fadnes


Not able to go/Ikke mulighet å gå? Ta et web-kurs her.