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Ægir6000 (ROV)

NorMaR - Norwegian Marine Robotics Facility with Remotely Operated Vehicle​ ÆGIR6000

Bilde av ÆGIR6000 (ROV)
The Ægir6000 is the first Norwegian Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) to have been specifically designed as a research ROV. It can dive to 6000 m, and is capable of carrying and deploying a variety of sensory equipment and numerous cameras . It can also be deployed with a dedicated Tether Management System (TMS) that stores and deploys the tethering cable when the ROV is submerged enabling it to be decoupled from the motion of the ship and also enabling it to operate at a larger radius from the mother ship. The TMS has a cage-like containment system for transporting the ROV during deployment and has sample storage facilities so that the ROV is capable of collecting more material every dive then previous ROV systems.
Cedric Hamelin


This new ROV was funded through a Research Council of Norway (RCN) large infrastructure grant. It was officially launched 1st July 2015. Within deep sea research at UiB,  Ægir6000 is the primary tool for exploring, sampling and deploying instruments and experiments at deep sea study areas - including the ice covered parts of the Arctic Ocean. With camera systems on both the TMS and the ROV itself, Ægir6000 is capable of sending unique footage to itself in action in the deep sea.Briefly, Ægir6000 is:​- a work-class ROV specially equipped for science with samplers and sensors- sufficiently powered to operate seafloor drilling systems and to install and maintain seafloor observatories - designed for operation from both RVs G.O. Sars and Kronprins Haakon​- deployed together with a 1000m+ tether management system (TMS)