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Masterprosjekt - Klima/Energi/Geofarer

Marine geological surveys for offshore wind

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Project description
Offshore wind is set to become a major growth industry in Norway, as the world economy is decarbonizing, the demand for renewable green energy is very high, fossil and nuclear power is being decomissioned in europe, and the NW European coast has excellent wind resources. Major parts of the NW European coast was recently glaciated, and glacial erosion and deposition has resulted in highly heterogeneous seabed soil conditions here. The NW European seas are therefore very challenging places to place anchors and foundations for offshore wind turbines. Improved geological and geotechnical understanding of these soil conditions can help bring costs down for future offshore wind. A cruise to the two announced offshore wind sites in Norway, Utsira Nord and Sørlige Nordsjø 2, will take place in June 2022. Here, large amounts of core and high-resolution seismic data will be acquired. Several MScs will work on the data acquired in this cruise. Students who want these MSc projects will be able to join on this cruise, 10-20 June 2022. The cruise is part of the Equinor-funded "Marine ground surveys for offshore wind"-project at the Univeristy of Bergen, and will entail analysis and geological interpretation of data from these areas. The MSc will work in this project and be exposed to industry sponsors through various project meetings and conferences.

Proposed course plan during the master's degree (60 ECTS):
GEOV223 - Quarternary Sea-Level Changes - 10 ECTS
GEOV231 - Marine Geological Field-and Laboratory Course - 10 ECTS
GEOV261 - Basin analysis and subsurface interpretation - 10 ECTS
GEOV272 - Seismic Interpretation - 10 ECTS
GEOV326 - Quaternary environments, processes and development - 10 ECTS
GEOV360 - Advanced clastic sedimentology - 10 ECTS

Felt- lab- og analysearbeid
Cruise June 2022 OBS!! note that this is pre-intake. Contact main supervisor during the spring term if you are interested in this project.
Core workshop
Seismic interpretation