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Insights into CO2 storage using the FluidFlower

Master's Project Autumn 2022: Espen Tjessheim


Project description
Underground storage of CO2 is important for mitigation of climate change, but there are a number of challenge in understanding the controls on CO2 migration and potential leakage. The FluidFlower is a unique experimental rig that allows testing of different geological scenarios for CO2 storage and visualisation of the migration of CO2 during injection. This masters project will be the first project to use FluidFlower experiments designed to simulate CO2 injection into geological structures comparable to those developed offshore Norway in the area of the Northern Lights project (Honda Platform). Initial experiments have already been completed and the project will investigate the temporal changes in CO2 migration though the simulated subsurface geology focusing on the effect of reservoir heterogeneity associated with stratigraphy and structure. Geological interpretations will also be converted to 2D seismic models in order to investigate how seismic methods reflect the position and evolution of the injected CO2. The master student will gain training in subsurface interpretation techniques, 2D seismic modelling, and an understanding of geological controls on the magic factors influencing the migration, storage capacity and leakage of CO2 in underground reservoirs. The project is part of the Centre for Sustainable Subsurface Resources and involves collaboration between the departments of Earth Science, Physics and Technology and Mathematics.

Proposed course plan during the master's degree (60 ECTS):
GEOV300 (5 ETCS)
GEOV361 (10 ETCS)
GEOV364 (5 ETCS)
SDG207 (10 ETCS)
GEOV302 (10 ETCS)
GEOV360 (10 ETCS)
GEOV352 (5 ETCS)
GEOV362 (5 ETCS)

Geoscience bachelors including subsurface interpretation course (e.g. GEOV261).

External data
FluidFlower data (time-lapse images of experiments and CO2 injection and saturation information from co-supervisor, Martin Fernø.

Felt- lab- og analysearbeid
Laboratory based analysis using 3D Seismic Lab/Grotten workstations