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Norsk Nasjonalt Seismisk Nettverk


The 44th Nordic Seismology Seminar will be held at Panorama konferansehotel, about 30 km outside Bergen, Norway, Monday 16 - Wednesday 18 September 2013.

The Seminar with its long tradition covers a wide range of topics related to seismological research done in the Nordic countries as well as topics related to Nuclear Test Ban Treaty verification:

- Detection seismology and CTBTO related studies

- Seismic networks and instruments

- Methods in data analysis

- Seismic hazard assessment and engineering seismology

- Studies of the Earth's crust and upper mantle

- Earthquakes, volcanoes and seismotectonics

The seminar alternates between the Nordic countries and now it is the Seismological Observatory (Jordskjelvstasjonen i Bergen) at the Department for Earth Science which hosts the seminar.

Aditional information can be found on the website http://nordicseismologyseminar.wordpress.com/.