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GEO Research Seminar

The Challenges of Sustainable Land Management in the Rif Mountains of Northern Morocco

We are happy to invite you to the seminar led by Mohammed El-fengour, Professor at University Mohammed V in Rabat, Morocco. We will meet physically, but you can follow the presentation via Zoom, too.

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Welcome to Geo Reasearch Seminar with Mohammed El-fengour!
Tsimafei Kazlou


Speaker: Mohammed El-fengour (University Mohammed V in Rabat, Morocco)
Topic: The Challenges of Sustainable Land Management in the Rif Mountains of Northern Morocco
Time: 17 November 12:15-13:00
Place: Room 744 or ZOOM (link, contact Tsimafei Kazlou or Fridah Siyanga-Tembo)

The mountain areas in Morocco have multiple natural resources and a real heritage in terms of biodiversity. It produces water for the downstream, both water regulated by dams, especially AL Wahda, and large springs, but also runoff water not fully controlled, part of which is diverted for irrigation while wild flood waters are destructive in the foothills. Climate change is likely to generate mainly intense rainfall and high flow processes, through what are commonly known as extreme events that causes a huge impact on the infrastructures.

In order to adapt, the Moroccan authorities have been tried since 1960 to cover as much as possible the slopes used for extensive grazing and to manage them in such a way as to allow the restoration of the most degraded ones. The smallholders, considered today as the main culprits of biomass degradation, through overexploitation of energy wood and overgrazing in the forest, as well as in the rangelands, will be the only possible restorers of these ecosystems; but this option can only be guaranteed if they are involved in the management process and if they can be mobilized to this end. Otherwise, any other operation launched without their participation will be in vain.

This article explores some aspects of climate change impacts affecting mountain areas in and assess the restoration projects provided by public authorities to ensure the sustainability of the fragile mountain zones in northern Morocco.