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Money Talks

Patriarchal structures an obstacle to women in politics in many countries

– Most often the priviliged are the winners in politics, and who is priviliged depends on gender, says professor Ragnhild Muriaas, who has lead the research project Money Talks.

Money Talks Professor Ragnhild Muriaas in Malawi during political campaign
Through Money Talks Professor Ragnhild Muriaas and partners have researched how financing of electorial campaigns influence the gender balance in politics in many countries, such as here in Malawi.
Ragnhild Muriaas, UiB


Running for an election in Malawi can be a costly affair. This makes participating and winning difficult for female candidates in a country where many women don’t even have their own bank account.

A funding programme has been established to increase the number of women in politics: The 50:50 campaign. But does it work?

In the project Money talks, an international team of researchers led by professor Ragnhild Muriaas has studied the conditions for women’s participation in politics in a number of countries.

See the video from the research done in Malawi here: 

MoneyTalks - Women and elections in Malawi

Ragnhild Muriaas, UiB