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Public defence for PhD candidates at the Dep. of Earth Science

The final stage of the doctoral training is the public defence of the thesis.


After receiving a positive recommendation from the evaluation committee, the thesis will be defended by discussing the research findings with the opponents at a public defence. After a successful defence the PhD degree is granted and the diploma is issued and presented at the formal graduation ceremony. The candidate and supervisor will be invited to this in due course.

Defence procedures: See this link

Instructions for the defence leader (not the same as leader of the committee) can be found below. Note that the Faculty will send a complete manuscript in due course.

The leader of the doctoral evaluation committee is a senior member of the departmental scientific staff. The leader will coordinate the defence in collaboration with the administrative contact person at the department. The candidate must be in close contact with both parties for detailed information.

Room booking: PhD coordinator

Flowers, cakes and bubbles: Receptionist

Hotel and flight bookings for the opponents: Supervisor + Receptionist

Bringing at least ten hard copies of the thesis to the defence locale: Candidate

The receptionist will also prepare the defence locale and the locale for the celebration afterwards, normally the lunch room in 4th floor.

The required copies of the thesis for the library, will be extracted by the transport section.