Institutt for sammenliknende politikk


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Semesterstart for Comparative Politics

Everyone at the Department of Comparative Politics (sampol) are looking forward to the start of the semester and, not least, meeting all the new students in August! This year, the new students of comparative politics are wished welcome with a brand new programme for the kick-off week.

Comparative Politics wishes to welcome all the new bachelor and master students welcome to the kick-off week. In particular all those who are new to Bergen and Comparative Politics.

On Wednesday, all sampol students and assistants are invited for breakfast at the department. Here, you can get to know the department and the people who work there. The breakfast is arranged in cooperation with the student committee. All will be welcomed by the leader of the department, Lise Rakner, and the leader of the student committee, Marianne Mandujano.

Throughout the autumn, there will be arranged film viewings for students and staff. More info on these will come later this month.


We are looking forward to the new semester!