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The Stein Rokkan Memorial Lecture

Margaret Levi: "In the Interest of Others"

This year's Rokkan lecture will be held by Margaret Levi, Jere L. Bacharach Professor of International Studies, Department of Political Science, University of Washington.


Margaret Levi (born 1947) is an American political scientist and author, noted for her work in comparative political economy, labor politics, and democratic theory, notably on the origins and effects of trustworthy government.

Levi's research addresses fundamental issues concerning the bases for and effects of legitimacy, compliance, and consent in democratic regimes. Her scholarship has made pioneering contributions to our understanding of the consequences for trust and distrust, compliance and resistance, and individual versus collective action.

Spanning three decades, her research has made lasting contributions to comparative politics, political economy and comparative historical analysis. Levi has confronted fundamental questions about the relationships between the individual and the collective. Why do citizens consent to the demands of government? What makes citizens comply with costly extractions from government, such as paying taxes and consenting to military conscription?

See the enclosed poster for more information about the lecture.