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How to approach sexual attraction to children in therapeutic work? A workshop seminar

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The Department of Health Promotion and Development and the Department of Clinical Psychology offer a workshop for mental health experts who seek to expand their expertise in working with clients who are sexually attracted to children. The seminar will cover a range of topics and practical exercises, including the assessment of sexual attraction to children and offending risk, common treatment needs and goals, interventions to increase client well-being and reduce offending risk, and laws and regulations that guide clinical practice with this group.

Participants will learn from experienced psychologists and researchers from Norway and Canada and leave with an evidence-based understanding of how to support their clients in navigating challenges and to change their lives for the better.


General information


Skye Stephens, Sara Jahnke, Pia Theisen, Agatha Chronos, Desiree Elchuk


English, Norwegian

Time and date     

May 22nd, 9am to 4pm 


Munin (0B14) at Alrek helseklynge, Årstadveien 17, 5009 Bergen

Who can apply

Professionals within the fields of psychology, medicine and social work. Depending on capacity, can also students from the mentioned fields apply.

Fee and registration deadline

Kr. 2.000, - (students kr. 500, - depending on capacity). The registration deadline is on May 16th for both groups. Employees at the Department of Health Promotion and Development and the Department of Clinical Psychology are exempted from paying a fee.


The workshop is recognised by the Norwegian Psychological Association (NPF)

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08:30–09:00       Registration

09:00–09:30       Welcome speech

09:30–10:30       Assessment, clinical characteristics, and treatment needs

10.30–10:45       Coffee break

10:45–12:00       Best practice interventions

12:00–12.30       Lunch

12:30–13:30       Group exercises

13.30–13:45       Coffee break

13:45­–15:00       Group exercises

15:00-15.30        Legal challenges        

15:30–16:00       Course evaluation and closing notes


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