dCod 1.0: Decoding the systems toxicology of Atlantic cod

The goal of the dCod-project is to combine the competencies in environmental toxicology, biology, bioinformatics and mathematics across the traditional department boundaries, to create a deeper understanding of cods' adaptations and reactions to stressors in the environment.

Building on the thoroughly studies and mapping of the cod genome at UiO and the long research traditions on cod at the Department of Biology at UiB, the dCod project will expand our knowledge with methods based on genomics; where the use of the cod genome under different environmental conditions will be investigated.

The projects aims to generate large amounts of experimental data to be the basis of mathematical models that can describe these responses based on different scenarios.

Overall, the goal is to create a tool for environmental monitoring and risk assessment that can be used in assessing the impacts of for example the oil industry, sewage discharge into harbours and industrial discharge into Norwegian fjords. Climate change and ocean acidification, in addition to cocktail effects of several stressors, will also be studied. 

Read more about dCOD in the special issue of the UiB magazine on Marine Research available in the carousel below.

Master exams

Celebrating master exams

With cakes, champagne and balloons, we have celebrated five master students this fall. All of the students have done a good job – and we wish them the best of luck!

Voss workshop

First dCod workshop

The first workshop in the dCod 1.0 project was organized at Voss during a busy December month. 22 participants from all Norwegian partners participated in discussions, cross-disciplinary crash courses, and teambuilding.


QR-code for dCod.no

Are you presenting scientific work related to the dCod project? Add this QR-code to your poster, pamphlet or picture, and it will guide the reader directly to the dCod website: www.dcod.no.


38 million NOK for environmental research on cod

Digital commitment on interdisciplinary projects aims to break down institutional borders

An Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) waiting at the bottom in Gulen, Sognefjorden, Norway.