Academic Coordinator
Simon Malmberg
E-mail: Simon.Malmberg@uib.no
Phone: +47 55 58 22 00

Study Adviser
E-mail: advice@ahkr.uib.no

Expertise and Fields of Research


At the University of Bergen you can study all periods in prehistory from early human evolution in South Africa to the early historical periods in Scandinavia. You can also study classical archaeology and important developments in the Middle East, as well as the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Viking period and early Medieval periods of Norway and Scandinavia in general.

All courses are open to foreign exchange students. If necessary, courses will be given in English.

Meet our employees

Goldsmith turned archaeologist

UiB researcher Karen van Niekerk's road to (a Centre of) excellence.

Meet our employees

A love affair with Iceland

Ramona Harrison was born in Austria, educated in the US and is employed in Norway. But her academic heart belongs to Iceland.


Humans used fire earlier than previously known

Humans living in South Africa in the Middle Stone Age used advanced heating techniques that vastly improved living conditions during the era.


Here are UiB’s most influential scientists

Archaeologist Christopher Henshilwood and cardiologist Kenneth Dickstein have both been named among the most cited researchers in the world.


Technology and innovation not driven by climate change

Climate change was less important for technological innovation among Stone Age humans than previously assumed.