Department of Economics

Welcome to the Department of Economics.

Our core competence is within game theory, incentive theory and applied microeconometrics on the empirical side. The faculty publishes within the fields of

- Labour and education economics
- Health economics
- Industrial organisation and economic organisation
- Social insurance and social policy
- Resource, energy, and environmental economics
- Development economics

Study at the Department of Economics


If you need more information regarding our studies you can contact the student counsellor or the Student Information Centre at The Faculty of Social Sciences.


Katrine Løken awarded ERC Starting Grant

The economist Katrine Vellesen Løken has been awarded the prestigious Starting Grant from the European Research Council.


How to regulate and tax the sharing economy

A Norwegian government committee looking at the sharing economy proposes that sharing platforms such as Uber, Airbnb and others should be subject to regulations and taxation.

Field of study

Economics focuses on the utilisation of our resources - whether it concerns natural resources, labour force or production equipment. 

We investigate how the economy actually works: the mixed economy we have in our own country, the economic conditions of other countries, in addition to the world economy. We also analyse the possibilities for increasing added value and how to distribute the outcome more justly when satisfying human needs.