Welfare, labour and health

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The research group Welfare, Labor and Health (WLH) aims to contribute to society’s understanding of the interplay between public policy and health, family life and the labor market. 

The group conducts research of relevance both to national and international policy makers. Our focus is on uncovering causal relationships based on analyses of registry data, but we also analyze research questions where broader perspectives are more suitable.

We lecture and supervise on topics related to our research fields at all levels at the Department of Economics.

Professor Roland Hodler, University of ST.Gallen
Sep 17

Ethnofederalism and ethnic voting by Professor Roland Hodler

Faculty Seminar at the Department of Economics, UoB Friday 17. September 13:00 -14:00 (Digitale conference).

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Welcome to Department of Economics

We welcome four, new employees to our Department: John Sæten Lilletvedt (PhD Candidate), Hedda Rytter Tveiten (PhD Candidate), Ingvild Hagen Lindalen (Seminar Coordinator) and Marc Goni (Associate Professor).All four started in August.