Marine microbiology

Projects at Marine microbiology

Researchers at Marine microbiology are involved in a number of projects that generally revolve around one or several of the following questions:

What are the mechanisms that control microbial diversity?

What are the mechanisms that control activity of microorganisms?

How is microbial diversity linked to food web structure and ecosystem function in the marine pelagic?

How does evolution blend with processes on ecological time scales to determine system dynamics and function of the marine microbial food web?

Ongoing projects:


Recently completed projects:

  • HAPTODIV - Diversity and dynamics of marine Haptophytes.
  • MERCLIM-BIO - Marine Ecosystem Response to a changing CLIMate.
  • METAOCEANS - Elucidating the structure and functioning of marine ecosystems through synthesis and comparative analysis (Marie Curie Early Stage Training Network).
  • MICROBAIR - Quantification and Characterization of Microbial Communities in Air.
  • MINOS - Microbial network organisation
  • Nutrient Tunneling - Nutrient tunneling and other alternative pathways for mineral nutrients through the microbial food web to copepods.
  • PAME-Nor - DOC turnover in polar microbial food webs.
  • VIPMAP - Viral lysis and programmed cell death in marine phytoplankton.