Research Group for Digital Culture

The Digital Culture Research Group gathers researchers and post-graduate students from different humanities disciplines who share an interest in studying how technology and culture interact. Current research is on topics including intercultural uses of technology, self-representation in social media, critical digital editions, and the cultural implications of machine vision. 

Professor Jill Walker Rettberg leads the group.

Guest Lecture

Elizabeth Losh: @ctivism: Call Out Culture, Hashtag Activism, and Donald Trump’s Twitter Feed

Digital rhetorician, Liz Losh, analyses Trump's tweets as a parallel to consumer revolt, a rhetorical strategy facilitated by Twitter's interface.


Prestigious Award to Scott Rettberg's Hearts and Minds

Scott Rettberg and collaborators' VR narrative Hearts and Minds is the 2016 winner of the Electronic Literature Organization's Robert Coover Award for a Work of Electronic Literature.