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75 years with thoughts

Program for the anniversary week

UiB’s 75th anniversary will be duly celebrated throughout 2021. Here is the program for the anniversary week – come join the party!

 From the opening of UiB in 1946. The University Museum depicted with many people in the square. At the top right it says "75 years of thoughts"
Throughout the autumn season we will mark the anniversary with a varied program: there will be exhibitions, debates, lectures, concerts and much more. The main attraction is the anniversary week on the 25th to the 31st of October.
The University Library of Bergen's special collections

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75 years ago, the Norwegian parliament decided to establish a university in Bergen. We kicked off the celebrations with an anniversary lecture on the 9th of April, exactly 75 years to the day after the parliament’s decision.  

Throughout the autumn season we will mark the anniversary with various events: exhibitions, debates, lectures, concerts and much more. The main attraction is the anniversary week 25–31 October, where we invite all of Bergen to join the party. Here are some of the highlights:  


Anniversary broadcast 

75 years with thoughts, research and knowledge will be stately celebrated in the University aula. We offer magnificent music, greetings from far and near, exciting, and pleasant surprises – a worthy celebration of the 75-year-old university.   

The broadcast will be streamed online, and everyone can watch. Gather with a fellow student or colleague and watch the anniversary broadcast together. 

The anniversary broadcast will be streamed live at 14.15 – 15.30  

Jubileumsfest i Universitetsaulaen

Three treasures from the University Library of Bergen's special collections 

As part of the university’s 75th celebration, three of our most valuable treasures will be brought forth in a short and very rare exhibition: The great work «Civitates Orbis Terrarum» (Cities of the world) that was published over 400 years ago, the first map to show only Norway, and a letter written by king Harald’s great-great-grandfather. 

Take the opportunity to view these gems on this day only! 

The University Museum of Bergen, department of Natural history, between 10–16 

Utsnitt av Sholeus-stikket
Universitetsbiblioteket i Bergen


Global challenges that shaped UiB 

Through short presentations, we will present examples of UiB’s contribution to solve some of the societal challenges the world has faced over the years. This includes important global projects, interdisciplinary cooperation, and thematic focus areas that researchers at UiB have worked with, as well as reflect on the significance these have had on UiB’s image. Everyone is welcome to sign up.  

The University aula in Bergen at 09.00 – 17.00 

Globale samfunnsutfordringer
Paul S. Amundsen

Free anniversary screening in cooperation with BIFF 

Since 1946, researchers at the University of Bergen have contributed to exciting discoveries and a deeper understanding of the world. UiB, alongside with BIFF, wishes to invite 3x75 people to a free screening of the documentary SOLUTIONS as part of our 75th anniversary celebration. This is an inspiring film about saving the world through research.  

MB2 at Bergen Cinema at 19.00 

SOLUTIONS, bilde av skog, 75 år med tanker-logo i høyre hjørne, BIFF-logo i venstre hjørne

Rokkan, Western Europe and the rest of the world 

Stein Rokkan (1921–1979) was one of the world’s foremost political scientists and one of the leading scientists that established the Faculty of Social Sciences at UiB. Here, he established the department of comparative politics. The annual Rokkan lecture is held by internationally renowned social scientists in memory of Rokkan’s work. This year’s lecture, by Professor Lars Mjøset, will address Rokkan’s research on Western Europe and how his theories can be used to understand other regions of the world. The lecture will be held in English.  

The student centre at 14.15 – 16.00  

Stein Rokkan
Bergens Tidende

Halloween party at Kvarteret 

75 years of student life will be celebrated in the best way possible with a Halloween party and open house at Kvarteret (the student cultural centre). The anniversary worthy evening will include a concert, a spooky atmosphere, and quite a few surprises. You do not want to miss out on this! The whole house will be decorated, and we invite you to show up in costume as well; this will be an awesome party!  

Students, alumni, and other festive guests are welcome! 

Det Akademiske Kvarter between 21.00 – 23.59 

Konsert på Det akademiske kvarter
Det akademiske kvarter

Student’s evening – «The alumni council» and concert 

Selda Ekiz, Sveinung Rotevatn, and Olav Haugland will sit down in a comfortable couch to share stories and advice from their own time as UiB students. Together, they make the competent alumni council, and will help us students with well-known quarter-life crises that they too have gone through, with varied success.  

The evening will conclude in the best way with a concert from the up-and- coming pop sensation Metteson. 

The university aula at 20–22 

UiB feirer 75 år
Spesialsamlingene ved Universitetsbiblioteket i Bergen


Open house at the University Museum of Bergen 

Every nook and cranny of the University Museum is open to the public on this day. There will be activities throughout the whole building, concerts in Tårnsalen, lectures in the university aula and exhibitions in every room. Unique treats from the collections will be brought forward, and the public can try their hands on gilding and other preservation techniques and more.  

The activities will run throughout the day, so it is possible to stop by anytime to see and partake in the festivities. Obtain new knowledge and new experiences.  

The University Museum of Bergen at 10–17 

Åpent hus på Universitetsmuseet
Helge Skodvin, UiB


Medieval Ages week 

During Medieval Ages week you will get the opportunity to meet an exciting and colourful age and learn more about the culture and history of the Medieval Ages. A slew of activities related to the Middle Ages will take place in Bergen, organized by the partners of UiB’s medieval research cluster. You can catch a popular science lecture, a city tour, guided tours, family activities, debates, exhibitions and much more. 


Various arenas in Bergen between 24 October – 3 November 

Middelalderuken 2021
Thor Brødreskift

During the anniversary week there will be activities on the various faculty campuses and by the student organizations. In addition, there will be multiple events throughout the autumn season like UiB Innsikt.