Picarro L2130-i δ18O, δD isotope analyser

Picarro L2130-i isotope analyser, flight-enabled, with vapourizer and standards delivery module

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This water isotope analyser provide simultaneous measurement of δ18O and δD in vapor at up to 5 Hz. The analyser contains a custom modification to adjust the flow rate according to ambient pressure, and with a higher data acquisition rate. The system is able to provide high precision measurements in the laboratory and in the field, for example when deployed on a research aircraft or a vapour monitoring station. Standard analysis provides δ18O, δD and the Deuterium excess at permil precision. A Picarro Standards Delivery Module is available allowing calibration with two working standards, and custom dual-bubbler system is available for use on aircraft. Contact us about the possibility to deploy this instrument on an upcoming expedition.