Preparation facilities


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Mettler Toledo XPR6UD5                                                      Mettler Toledo MX5 

Maximum Capacity: 6.1 g                                                      Maximum Capacity 5.1 g

Minimum Weight: 0.6 mg

Readability: 0.5 µg                                                                   Readability: 1 μg

Other balances

Mettler Toledo Precision Balance MS4002TSDR/00

Maximum Capacity: 4,200 g/820 g

Minimum Weight: 140 g/ 14 g

Readability: 0.1 g/ 0.01 g


Mettler Toledo XPE206DR

Maximum Capacity: 220 g/81 g

Minimum Weight: 10 mg

Readability: 5 µg

Fume hood 

120 cm wide fume hood with a 0.6 cm tempered glass door. A fume hood monitor and alarm are installed on the right hand side to provide an indication of potentially unsafe conditions.  

DI water system 

The Millipore Elix Essential 5 system uses reverse osmosis to produce Type 2 pure water which is stored in a polyethylene 60 L tank designed to minimize risks of contamination during water storage. The vent filter placed on the top of the tank provides effective protection against airborne contaminants. Distilled water is sourced through the tank front valve or sent to feed the laboratory dishwasher. 

Vacuum line 

Custom-built glass vacuum line (see photo on the right) for processing and cleaning of gaseous samples, or larger carbonate samples reacted offline. The line includes multiple sample in-/outlets, cold traps, and possibilities for attaching additional adsorption traps. 

Stereo-microscopes (with camera) 

ZEISS stemi 508 w/ microscopy Camera Axiocam 105 color

Leica MS5 w/ Leica CLS 100x light source

Leica MZ7.5 w/ Leica CLS 100x light source

Dedicated weighing room 

Two Mettler microbalances (MX5 and XPR6UD5) are placed on anti-vibration tables in our weighing room (7 m2) to achieve most stable readings and to optimize measuring performance of very small sample size. The room is also equipped with microscopes (Leica MS5 and ZEISS stemi 508 w/ camera), picking supplies and an anti-static ionizer-100A.