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Students rights and responibilities

Student ombudsperson

The Student ombudsperson is a resource for all University of Bergen students to assist in the resolution of conflicts, problems, and other University related concerns.

Student ombudsperson

The ombudsperson is a neutral party who can give informal and confidential assistance in resolving conflicts, problems and other University related conserns.

The student ombudsperson is independent of administrative structures, which allowes for impartial and objective consideration of all sides of an issue.

How can I assist you:

  • Give information about your rights and responibilities within the University
  • Provide a safe and confidential space to explore conflicts, problems and concerns
  • Help solve a case at the lowest possible level
  • Tell you who the appropriate decision maker is
  • Observe trends and point them out to the administration
  • Recommend changes in policies and procedures


The student ombudsperson can help you if you wish to report unacceptable circumstances at the University (such as discrimination, harassment or bullying). All notices will be confidential and you may also report anonymously.

Whether your concern involves another student, a staff member, an administrator, or faculty member, the student ombudsperson is available to help.

Student`s rights and obligations:

When you are a student at the University of Bergen, you have both rights and obligations. Please feel free to contact the student ombudsperson if you have any questions about your rights (or obligations).