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The Ombud for Students is an independent service whose main function is to safeguard the legal security of students at the University of Bergen by providing advice and guidance in studnet related matters.

The Ombud's most important function is to provide advice on the rights and obligations in student matters to students and staff. The Ombud is not a representative for students or the university and does not make decisions in individual cases.

All contact with the Ombud is subject to confidentiality and inquiries from students and staff will be treated confidential.

The Ombud for Student shall contribute to ensuring legal security for the students at the University of Bergen through advice and guidance to students and staff.

Students can obtain advice, guidance and assistance related to their study situation and may contact the Ombud about matters that are or may be criticized in the study situation. Examples of assistance students may receive are:

* Advice and guidance in complaints.
* Advice and guidance in cases of cheating, fitness assessment, expulsion, etc.
* Assistance if a student has been harassed by fellow students or staff.
* Courses on student rights for student bodies at the university.
* Make legal assessment of the case processing in cases involving students.

Employees have the opportunity to contact the ombud about critical matters that apply to the students 'study situation, for guidance on students' rights and for guidance on the rules of procedure in administrative law concerning student matters.


Phone: (+47) 482 86 130
Email: studentombodet@uib.no