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The Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research (BCCR) is the largest climate research centre in the Nordic countries and among the leading centres in Europe. The centre has an international profile with leading expertise within climate understanding, climate modeling and scenarios for future climate changes and quantification of climate changes.

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BCCR offers excellent opportunities for research, with a main focus on northern Europe and the polar regions, and is a key provider of first-rate knowledge on climate change to policy makers, industry, and the general public.

“BCCR has produced outstanding research results and is on the forefront of development in their field. The evaluation remarks that the centre is on the way to become one of the leading centers worldwide and has an excellent reputation at the national and international levels. The cooperation among various disciplines is considered as exemplary” (CoE evaluation).

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  • The Bjerknes Centre has more authors in the last IPCC report than any other Nordic research institution, and is one of four European centres that delivered climate scenarios to the report.
  • BCCR coordinates the Norwegian activities for developing climate models/earth system models in advance of the next IPCC report.
  • After five years as a national Centre of Excellence (CoE) the BCCR has been though a midway evaluation by an international committee, on behalf of the Research Council of Norway. The overall grading of achievements from the committee was “exceptionally good”: