Center for Data Science

Opening of the Center for Data Science

To research enabling technology for the data science of tomorrow, UiB opened the new Center for Data Science (CEDAS).

Research and Higher Education Minister Iselin Nybø officially opens the new center for data science.
Research and Higher Education Minister Iselin Nybø opens the new center for data science.
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Modern technology produces an immense ammount of rich data, and exploring and analyzing this data is an increasingly important challenge of our times. To address this new challenge that reaches into so many aspects of our lives and activities, the University of Bergen opened the new Center for Data Science (CEDAS) on the 18th of December 2018. The new center was officially opened by the research and higher education minister Iselin Nybø and UIB rector Dag Rune Olsen. CEDAS will bring together scientists from mathematics, computer science and other fields to work together on solutions to exploit the power of big data.

The opening was accompanied by short scientific presentations by Saket Saurabh, Noeska Smit and Eivind Valen, pointing out the importance of data science in different scientific fields. In addition the guests enjoyed short presentations by the Head of Department Pinar Heggernes, the Rector of UIB Dag Rune Olsen and representatives from the Bergen Forskningsstiftelse (BFS).