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Data Science is about drawing useful knowledge from large and complex data. Advances in Artificial Intelligence are greatly dependent on Data Science. The Center for Data Science of the University of Bergen is an interdisciplinary center across several faculties focusing on research and education in central aspects of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Our current activity involves machine learning, algorithmic foundations, visual data science, statistics, bioinformatics, and behavioral science.

CEDAS is the main contact point for NORA, the Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium, at the University of Bergen.

Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence

Four UiB papers accepted to IJCAI-2020

The department of informatics at the University of Bergen will be well represented with four accepted papers at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence.

Centre for Research-Based Innovation (SFI)
Klyngesatsing blir viktig for fremtidig samarbeid mellom næringsliv og akademia.

MediaFutures: Research Centre for Responsible Media Technology & Innovation

Researchers, media and technology companies in Media City Bergen will establish a centre for developing responsible media technology for the future. The University of Bergen (UiB) and partners from research and industry have now been granted status as Centre for Research-Based Innovation (SFI) .

Kunstig intelligens
Kvinner jobber med kunstig intelligens, AI

Nyutdannede teknologer er fremtiden

På Universitet i Bergen (UiB) vokser miljøet innen maskinlæring stadig. Kanskje ikke så rart, når kunstig intelligens er i ferd med å endre hele samfunnet vårt.

ERC - European Research Council
Saket Saurabh

Making sense of Big Data

UiB researcher Saket Saurabh embarks on a new ERC funded project, aiming to revolutionise how we handle, utilise and compress Big Data.


The Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium (NORA) brings together several prominent institutions across Norway in order to strengthen Norwegian research, education and innovation within the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics.

NORA offers regular webinars and is in the process of establishing a national research school for PhD candidates. Furthermore, the network recently announced the successful launch of NORA.startup, a national "knowledge-based innovation arena that facilitates networking and collaboration opportunities across the research and the startup community in Norway within artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics."

The University of Bergen is a member of NORA, with CEDAS being the main contact point for NORA at the university.