Center for Data Science

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Data Science is about drawing useful knowledge from large and complex data. The Center for Data Science focuses on research and education in central aspects of Data Science, like its algorithmic foundations, visual data science, machine learning, and data science in bioinformatics. (© picture*)

ERC - European Research Council
Saket Saurabh

Making sense of Big Data

UiB researcher Saket Saurabh embarks on a new ERC funded project, aiming to revolutionise how we handle, utilise and compress Big Data.

Machine learning

New consortium to strengthen research and education in artificial intelligence

Norwegian research and education related to artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics received a boost when Norwegian institutions formed the consortium NORA. The collaboration also stimulates several start-up companies within a field in rapid development.

Research and Higher Education Minister Iselin Nybø officially opens the new center for data science.

Opening of the Center for Data Science

To research enabling technology for the data science of tomorrow, UiB opened the new Center for Data Science (CEDAS).

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