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To facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration within the scope of CEDAS, the center has compiled a list of experts that other researchers interested in data science can get in touch with.

CEDAS experts

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Nello Blaser                                                                 Data Science, machine learning, topological data analysis, computational topology, geometric machine learning
Pål Drangealgorithms, Artificial Intelligence, graph theory, machine learning, Python, software engineering

Fedor Fomin

algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, discrete mathematics, graph theory, algorithmic foundations of machine learning, parameterized complexity, algorithmic fairness

Helwig Hauser

visual data science, interactive visual data exploration and analysis, application of visualization to a broad range of applications
Yushu Litime series econometrics, sparse Bayesian learning, wavelet methods, statistical machine learning, statistical surveillance

Tom Michoel

bioinformatics, computational biology, machine learning, causal inference

Ana Ozaki

Artificial Intelligence, computational logic, knowledge graphs, knowledge representation and reasoning, machine learning, ontology

Pekka Parviainen

machine learning, probabilistic graphical models, Bayesian networks

Saket Saurabh

parameterized complexity, exact exponential algorithms, graph algorithms and graph theory, algorithmic Game Theory, Big Data

Hans Skaug

biostatistics, computational statistics

Noeska Smit

medical visualization

Christoph Trattner

Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, HCI, Recommender Systems, social networks

Eivind Valen

CRISPR, gene regulation, long-read sequencing, micro peptides, non-coding RNA, omics, bioinformatics