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Joint CEDAS & NORBIS Summer School 2023 August 7 - 11

From August 7 - 11, 50+ data scientists from across Norway came together at the Joint CEDAS-NORBIS Summer School to discuss data science and its biomedical applications. The summer school featured keynotes, theoretical and practical sessions on Machine Learning, Statistics, and Visual Data Science.

Group Photo Summer School 2023 - CEDAS / NORBIS
Group photo of summer school participants
Eirik Herfindal

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Monday started off the summer school with a keynote speech by guest speaker Prof. Arvid Lundervold, chaired by center leader Helwig Hauser from CEDAS. Later, Associate Professor Hauke Bartsch gave a talk on the DIY (do it yourself) part of data science, where the participants are able to take part of the applications discussed.

Opening keynote

Keynote opening by Arvid Lundervold.

Eirik Herfindal

Tuesday was first reserved for the statistics team, with instructors Stein Andreas Bethuelsen, Professor Iain George Johnston and Professor Mattias Villani from the University of Stockholm, giving talks on the applications of statistics through Bayesian learning and decision making. The participants could then choose between two DIY sessions. With Professor Reza Arghandeh from Western Norway University of Applied Sciences on the statistics team, or instructor Hauke Bartsch from the University of Bergen, on the data science 101 team. The rest of the day became open to social activities, such as board games and hikes.

Mattias Villani giving talk

Mattias Villani giving a talk on Bayesian learning for uncertainty quantification and decision making.

Eirik Herfindal

Wednesday started with talk on machine learning, by CEDAS's own co-leader Pekka Parviainen, and guest speaker Vaneeda Allken, from the Institute of Marine Research. She discussed how to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical AI, and its usage in trawl surveys in the fishing industry. After lunch, participants could join either of our instructors, Pekka Parviainen and Muhammad Ammar Malik on DIY Machine Learning, or DIY Statistics with instructors Yushu Li, Stein Andreas Bethuelsen and Iain Johnston.

Vaneeda Allken talk

Vaneeda Allken giving a talk on bridging the gap between theory and practice AI.

Eirik Herfindal

Thursday started with two talks on visual data science by Professor Cagatay Turkay and Professor Jan Byška, with later options to do either DIY machine learning with Pekka Parvianinen and Muhammad Ammar Malik, or DIY Visual Data Science with Cagatay Turkay. Thursday was capped off with a lovely three-course dinner at the Zander K Hotel.

Cagatay Turkay presentation

Cagatay Turkay giving a talk on the foundations of visual data science.

Eirik Herfindal

Friday closed off the summer school with another talk by Prof. Cagatay Turkay on visual data science. And later with closing remarks by center leader Helwig Hauser from CEDAS, and center leader Susanna Roblitz from NORBIS. We then gathered for a group photo outside. We were very satisfied with how the summer school came together, with much participation in all parts of the "do it yourself" research, social activities, and constructive talks during the lunch and dinner breaks. We would like to thank our many speakers and guests who made this summer school possible. We would like to thank NORBIS for collaborating with us to further enable more cross-faculty cooperation. And of course, we want to thank our sponsors: The department of Informatics, and the Department of Mathematics.

logo photo

CEDAS and NORBIS banners.

Eirik Herfindal.

Guest speakers and instructors:

  • Arvid LundervoldAI and predictive modelling y ≈ f(X,θ) in medicine and biology
  • Stein Andreas Bethuelsen: Markov chains and applications to data science
  • Iain JohnstonHow model selection can turn maths into science
  • Mattias VillaniAn Introduction to Bayesian Learning for Uncertainty Quantification and Decision Making
  • Vaneeda AllkenBridging the gap between theory and practice AI
  • Çağatay TurkayDoing Visual Data Science — Foundations, Techniques and Practice