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At its core, mathematics is about the study of abstract structures. This may sound very theoretical, but it is a fascinating fact that the abstract structures that are studied in mathematics can be applied in an astounding multitude of practical problems. Mathematical sciences play an increasingly prominent role in the natural sciences and technology, and in society as a whole, highlighting the need for a high competence in mathematical sciences in order to succeed in the job market.

The department of mathematics offers study programs in mathematical sciences at the bachelor's, master's and Ph.D. levels, and we are also very active in mathematics education. Our faculty members conduct research in a wide range of theoretical and applied mathematics, including statistics and computational mathematics. See the pull-down menus for more information about our study programs and research groups.

Helge Tverberg

Helge Tverberg

Helge Tverberg, 7 March 1935 - 28 December 2020

Tore Sætersdal at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda in spring 2013, at a stand with books and pamphlets on the Nile and research on water.

UiB sweeps NORHED II funding

13 projects from the University of Bergen have received funding for a total value of 250 million Norwegian kroner from the NORHED II programme.

UiB VISTA Center launched
Presentation by I. Berre of the core motivaton for VISTA CSD research

VISTA CSD launched 15 October 2020

The VISTA Center for Modeling of Coupled Subsurface Dynamics (VISTA CSD) was launched 15 October 2020 at the University of Bergen. 

jordskjelv, illustrasjonsbilete

Conducting research on man-made earthquakes

Earthquakes may occur due to human activities, thousands of metres below the Earth’s crust. A new centre at the University of Bergen will find out more about how the substratum has been deformed.

Artificial Intelligence
Iain Johnston

A new tool uncovers how a disease develops in individual patients

UiB and Imperial College researchers have developed a tool which predicts how progressive diseases like cancer and malaria develop in individual patients. In addition, the tool uncovers how bacteria develop resistance to certain drugs.

Doctoral education at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences offers doctoral education within the following disciplines: biology, chemistry, earth science, physics and technology, informatics, mathematics, molecular biology and geophysics. We also offer doctoral training in collaboration with several partner institutions. For more information click here