Department of Mathematics

Student forum

The student forum for the Department of Mathematics is known as Matematisk Fagutvalg. They arrange, among other things, popular science lectures on mathematics, film showings, and parties.

Main content

The email address of the Matematisk Fagutvalg is fagutvalg@math.uib.no. One can also use the contact form here.

Please refer to the norwegian side for the current list of members: https://www.uib.no/math/54554/matematisk-fagutvalg

The Matematisk Falgutvalg also maintains the lounge Pi-happy for students and staff of the Department of Mathematics. This room is located on the 4th floor of the Science building/Realfagbygget (room 4F18A) and contains a bar that is open every Thursdays from 19:00-00:00.

Please refer to the Facebook side for statutes, meeting notes and further information about the student forum.