Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET)

Annual Report 2021

The CET Annual Report 2021 is now available for download. We are proud to share with you our activities and engagement in societal transformation from yet another pandemic year.

Group of young people smiling to the camera in front of yellow house
Some of CET researchers gathered for a seminar in Autumn 2021 when we had a brief break from Covid restrictions

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Download the CET Annual Report 2021 here

Another year has passed and we are excited to present the range of activities CET is involved in. A big thank you to all our affiliated researchers for their hard work and research in 2021. A year that, once again, tested our patience and creativity. 

In 2022 CET will celebrate five years as a centre. Centre Director Håvard Haarstad reflects on this in his "words from the director" in the Annual Report:

- Over these five years, CET has grown into an active and well-established research environment. Last year we had the first PhD defence for a candidate that started on a CET project – Kristin Kjærås, and the rest of the ‘first generation’ of PhDs are about to complete their theses. We are partners in a range of research projects, and our researchers are visible and engaged in science communication and public debate.

- Nevertheless, working on climate change means that any sense of achievement is temporary. In the world around us, climate action in line with the Paris Agreement does not appear to be on the horizon. We aim to do better research and to communicate it better. We must do a better job of creating actionable knowledge for advancing climate action in ways that respond to the urgency of the situation and the need for justice.


The Annual Report is structured around the core themes: People – researchers, students and employees at CET, Research – our engagement in new projects and project development, Publications – presenting our publications for the past year, and Outreach – highlighting how we have engaged in communication, organising meeting places, and education.

Graphic on 2021 highlights