Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET)

Annual report 2022

Interested in reading about what happened at CET in 2022? Our Annual Report for 2022 is now ready for download.

Group picture of the core group at CET
CET researchers at our annual retreat i autumn 2022

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Download the CET Annual Report 2022 here.

CET celebrated 5 years as a research centre in 2022. In the Annual Report 2022 we are happy to share with you the range of activities and research CET was involved in during our fifth year.

In his "words from the Director", Professor Håvard Haarstad reflects on the fifth anniversary and asks the question: "what's next" for research in climate and energy transformation:

- While the anniversary has allowed us to reflect on the past, it is crucial to look forward. Climate and energy transformation has been further complicated by horrendous world events. This challenges us further to think about how our research and societal engagement can play a constructive role.

- We have called this year’s Beyond Oil conference “Refuelling transformation”, recognising that the context of transforming to low-carbon societies is bound up in multiple backlashes – we are in a historical moment when our research and action can make a big difference.

Thank you to all our CET Affiliates who's research and engagement makes our centre the dynamic and reflective research centre it is. 


The Annual Report is structured around the core themes: People – researchers, students and employees at CET, Research – our engagement in new projects and project development, Publications – presenting our publications for the past year, and Outreach – highlighting how we have engaged in communication, organising meeting places, and education.

Here is a quick look at some numbers and highlights from CET:

Highlights from the annual report. People: 68 affiliated researchers, pie chart showing interdisciplinarity. research: 12 running projects, 3 research school partnerships and 4 phd defenses,  92 scientific publications, 33 media, 42 events