CONFECT – viral ecology and evolution


Outreach activities connected with the CONFECT project will be displayed here.

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In ConFect we want to strength research collaboration, public outreach and education within the field; virus ecology and evolution. We have since the start of the project, 1. Aug 21, completed our kick-off meeting including all partners. We also have started planning of the first course provided by ConFect in the spring 2022. The subject is modeling and bioinformatics within Viral ecology and evolution. During the fall we will complete the organization of the course, together with our partners, and also implement it into the BIOs education portfolio.

Our PhD and Posdoc in VirVar have also developed their skills in bioinformatics by a course in transcriptome analysis at UiO, analysing data produced within the VirVar project. During this stay, we also had meetings with scientists at UiO to support our collaboration within this specific research field.

During this fall we will complete a specific plan for outreach activities in Confect, together with the relevant partners.