dCod 1.0: Decoding the systems toxicology of Atlantic cod

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The dCod Blog gives you a less formal insight into our research and everyday tasks and challenges.


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In the monthly blog series, PhD and post docs share their thoughts on research and areas of interests.


January: Marta Eide, "Lost in translation - Exposing a biologist to the language of mathematics".

February: Libe Aranguren-Adabía, "La paciencia es la madre de la ciencia - Patience is the mother of science".

March: Xiaokang Zhang, "Knowledge Sharing in Science".

April: Nello Blaser, "Introducing - Topological data analysis".

May: Eileen Marie Hanna, "Breaking the interdisciplinary ice".

Summer edition: Mette Helen Bjørge Müller, "Mothers in science".

August: Håvard G. Frøysa, "Modeling the uncertain".

September: Zhanna Tairova, "On ethical controversies of using fish in experimental biology".

November: Shirin Fallahi, "Do we share a common language?".