dCod 1.0: Decoding the systems toxicology of Atlantic cod

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The goal of the dCod-project is to combine the competencies in environmental toxicology, biology, bioinformatics and mathematics across the traditional department boundaries, to create a deeper understanding of cods' adaptations and reactions to stressors in the environment.

The projects aims to generate large amounts of experimental data to be the basis of mathematical models that can describe these responses based on different scenarios. Furthermore, the overall goal is to create a tool for environmental monitoring and risk assessment that can be used in assessing the impacts of for example the oil industry, sewage discharge into harbours and industrial discharge into Norwegian fjords. 

The project is associated with the Centre for Digital Life Norway.

Project partners and collaborators

dCod'ers at the PRIMO 20 conference

The dCod 1.0 project puts its marks on successful PRIMO 20 in Charleston, South Carolina

Karina Dale posing with an Atlantic cod and a diploma

Award(winn)ing time at Beitostølen

The dCod project has been gathered at Beitostølen for the annual winter workshop. Following the workshop, many of us stayed on for the winter meeting of Norsk selskap for Toksikologi og Farmakologi (NSFT), where Karina Dale received award for best presentation in toxicology.

Science outreach

dCod Whiteboard Talk

Mathematician Shirin Fallahi, PhD student at the Dept. of Mathematics, University of Bergen, explains how you can develop a simple mathematical model to simulate and predict a biological phenomenon. Her example: Modeling the rate of saturation of an enzyme for different concentrations
dCod blog post
The author is explaining something to her collegues

Do we share common language?

In 2014, I moved from Iran to Norway to start a master program in applied mathematics in University of Oslo. I did not know a single Norwegian word and was not familiar with the culture. On my first day, I took a bus from Sarpsborg to Oslo which took about one and half hours. On the bus, people...

dCod podcast
Inge Jonassen, leiar i CBU.

Interview with Prof. Inge Jonassen

Who is Inge Jonassen, professor in bioinformatics at UiB and leader of the bioinformatic work package of the project? What is his background, and what is new to him when working in the dCod project?
Atlantic cod photo

An Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) waiting at the bottom in Gulen, Sognefjorden, Norway.