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Digital culture is the study of social, cultural, ethical and aesthetic aspects of information- and communication technology (ICT). Our main focus area lies within digital art and culture, and the interaction between culture and technology.

Studying Digital Culture will enable you to critically reflect on tech culture and the history of technology in addition to giving you hands on experience in webdesign and creative web projects. You'll learn about aesthetic modes of expression in digital media, such as electronic literature, digital arts and computer games.

Our bachelor-, master-, and PhD students research topics such as e-books, people's understanding of privacy, computer games in schools, kinetic poetry, digital methods in the humanities, the politics of Twitter, user interface in dating apps, surveillance, visual self-representation online, and haptic feedback.

Most of our students write theoretical and analytical papers. But some develop websites or software, or do creative projects for their bachelor or master thesis.

2021 Electronic Literature Organization Conference and Festival
"Posthuman" exhibition poster.

2021 ELO Conference and Festival - Posthuman Exhibition

The first of several exhibitions in the 2021 Electronic Literature Organization Conference and Festival debuts this Thursday, March 4th.

New research

Situated Data Analysis

Jill Walker Rettberg proposes situated data analysis as a new method for analysing how personal data is always constructed and represented in specific contexts.

Professor II Appointed in Digital Culture
NIck Montfort portrait

Nick Montfort, MIT Professor of Digital Media, Appointed Professor II at UiB Digital Culture

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Nick Montfort, Professor of Digital Media at MIT, to a two-year 20% position as Professor II with UiB Digital Culture. Montfort is noted both as a creative author of numerous and varied creative works and as a critic and theorist of digital media.

Blurry blue image showing a crowd of people with green boxes superimposed on the image, suggesting some kind of machine vision.

The Machine Vision project receives funding for a LARP and an exhibition

The ERC project MACHINE VISION has received funding from the Norwegian Research Council to develop a live action role-playing game and an exhibition at the University Museum.

Book award
Mann i dress står foran hekk og holder en gjennomsiktig pris.

Scott Rettberg won the Hayles award for "Electronic Literature"

The 2019 N. Katherine Hayles Award for Criticism of Electronic Literature was awarded to UiB professor Scott Rettberg, for his monograph Electronic Literature.