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Digital culture is the study of social, cultural, ethical and aesthetic aspects of information- and communication technology. Our main focus area lies within digital art and culture, and the interaction between culture and technology. Our teaching is research-based, and we collaborate with the Center for Digital Narrative, which is a Norwegian Centre of Research Excellence.

Studying Digital Culture will enable you to critically reflect on tech culture and the history of technology in addition to giving you hands on experience in webdesign and creative web projects. You'll learn about aesthetic modes of expression in digital media, such as electronic literature, digital arts and computer games.

Our bachelor-, master-, and PhD students research topics such as digital narratives, people's understanding of privacy, computer games in schools, kinetic poetry, digital methods in the humanities, the politics of Twitter, user interface in dating apps, surveillance, visual self-representation online, and haptic feedback.

Most of our students write theoretical and analytical papers. But some develop websites or software, or do creative projects for their bachelor or master thesis.

CDN Director, Scott Rettberg

The Economist on "Cyborg authorship" and collective writing

Professor Scott Rettberg comments on collaborating with machines in literature.

Off Center podcast

Listen to Off Center season 1

The Center for Digital Narrative (CDN) launched summer 2023 and its research projects have been set in motion. The podcast series ‘Off Center’ shares the research from CDN with an international audience.

A composite image of Jason Nelson's games.

Jason Nelson Appointed Associate Professor at UiB Digital Culture

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Nelson as Associate Professor with UiB Digital Culture.

Grant awarded
Gabriele de Seta mottek TMS-stipend i Universitetsaulaen i Bergen.

Investigating the modern myths of algorithms

Gabriele de Seta receives Trond Mohn Foundation grant to research folkloric responses to the code we don't quite understand.

Jill Walker Rettberg

How Generative AI Endangers Cultural Narratives

Jill Walker Rettberg writes on how American and anglospheric AI origins can overshadow cultural heritage from other countries in the world.