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Targeting the Epstein-Barr virus to treat and prevent MS (EBV-MS) is a ground-breaking Horizon Europe-funded research project with leading universities and hospitals in Europe and the USA.  We are aiming to unveil the role of the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) in the onset and progression of the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) disease.

The aim of the project, led by the University of Bergen, is to understand why only a few EBV infected people develop MS, and define the underlying mechanism of this process. The project will also investigate whether targeting the EBV infection with antiviral treatments can improve the disease course or stop disease progression.

Project managers:

Kjell-Morten Myhr, Project Manager, e-mail: kjell-morten.myhr@uib.no, tel: +47 55976031 / +47 41447868

Øivind F. Grytten Torkildsen, Deputy Project Coordinator, e-mail: Oivind.Torkildsen@uib.no

Other EBV-MS Project office contacts

Collage of meeting participants and speakers.

EBV-MS Kick-off: January 23rd -24th

On Tuesday, January 23rd, and Wednesday, January 24th, 2024, the EBV-MS project successfully held its inaugural kick-off meeting. This meeting provided an opportunity for the project team to get acquainted, share insights, and set goals. The program was structured to cover various aspects of the...

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Inaugural Session: Our First Meeting with the Scientific Advisory Board

On Wednesday, June 5th, 2024, a productive introduction between the consortium and the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) was conducted during a recent gathering. The meeting marked a positive commencement of the collaboration between the SAB and the members of the EBV-MS project.

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Annual Scientific Congress 2024 Hosted by the Italian MS Society in Rome (May 28th-30th)

From May 28th to 30th, EBV-MS Partner Paola Zaratin, along with the Italian MS Society, hosted the Annual Scientific Congress 2024. Notable attendees included EBV-MS Project Coordinator Kjell-Morten Myhr, Deputy Project Coordinator Øivind Torkildsen, and project partner Marco Salvetti from Sapienza...

Alberto Ascherio

5 quick questions about Epstein-Barr-virus and Multiple Sclerosis

Honorary Doctor Alberto Ascherio led the research that demonstrated a connection between the Epstein-Barr virus and Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Here he answers five key questions about this topic.

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Collage of speakers at the event

How Current Research Shapes the Future of MS Care: A Recap of Our Successful Symposium

On May 30th, the Karolinska Institutet Neuroimmunology Multiple Sclerosis Centre (KNIMS) hosted a symposium entitled "How Current Research Shapes the Future of MS Care." The event brought together 70 participants, including researchers, clinicians, patient advocates, and people living with MS, to...

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Actions under grant no. 101136991 (EBV-MS).