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Welcome to the website for the European First Year Experience (EFYE) 2015 Conference that took place Monday 15 June until Wednesday 17 June 2015.
The EFYE Conference was hosted in Bergen, Norway, building on a rich history of conferences in the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium and Finland.*

The conference is now over

You can view the keynotes here

You can see information about all sessions here


Ghent hosted the EFYE 2016  - 4 - 6 April

There was two main themes:

Institutional development

* Who are FYE stakeholders and with what/how should they be engaged?

* How do we embed a culture of FYE for all stakeholders?

* Is it possible for FYE to be a standalone activity?

* In what ways can/should FYE move from organic development to strategic ownership?

* What 'language'/terminology should be used to promote FYE: retention or success?


The student lifecycle 

* How do we prepare students for their new lives at university?

* How do we best deliver new students' inductions?

* How do we help students to make the transition through the year?

* How do we prepare students for subsequent studies?

About University of Bergen
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The host University of Bergen

The University of Bergen is proud to be named the host of the EFYE 2015 conference.

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