Centre for Pharmacy

National Pharmacy Conference 2012

Quite a few of us travelled to Oslo to take part in the National Pharmacy Conference, which is the largest conference in Norway for the pharmaceutical profession. Our students impressed several of the 600 participants visiting the conference.

Lillan Mo Andreassen

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This year's theme was how we best can secure national drug supply. Norway, as well as many other countries around the globe, has struggled with drug shortages lately, making this a timely matter to discuss.

In addition to collective speaks about the main theme, there were six other sessions with talks from several pharmaceutical areas (pharmacy practice, history, industry and development, education and training, research, and hospital pharmacy). Representatives from Bergen contributed with six talks in these sessions, half of them were given by our students. One of them, performed by student Elisabet Størset, won a prize for best session talk. We also contributed with three posters in the poster area.

We are very proud to have such brave and talented students, and they also impressed several of the participants at the conference.